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Lake Gaston  North Carolina / Virginia

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Shore Appeal

The house is ready... is your waterfront too?

This is the fun part of lake living, so don't neglect the "shore appeal" of your waterfront, especially since many buyers view properties by boat in the summer season.  Most buyers for Lake Gaston real estate are in the waterfront market for vacation use or as a retirement home.  Most likely, they will not have the time or ability, and won't want to spend funds to undertake any projects, especially around the water.


Your boathouse is the "special treasure" of owning a lake property, so if you have one, be sure its clean inside and out!  Replace worn cables, lift parts or cleats if needed.  Remove clutter from the storage room.  If space allows, display water toys if space allows.  Repaint or stain the siding or decking if it looks sunbeaten or worn. 

Docks and Decking:

Replace worn or broken boards in the docks or shorefront decks. Hammer down popped up nails, and tighten cleats.  Paint, stain or power wash the entire dock if it shows signs of aging.  Even though the boat goes with you, replacing dock lines and fenders brightens up the area and brings out the "sailor" in all of us!


If you are fortunate enough to have a sandy shorefront, rake the beach area periodically, removing weeds and debris.  Stage the area to draw visions of children playing in the sand, or parents sipping on on a cold drink and basking in the sun. 

The Waterfront:

If possible (and permitted by Dominion), have the waterfront area  landscaped and the woods cleaned up.  Staging the dock area or waterfront area with outdoor furniture helps to create a feeling of fun, relaxation and desire... for your property!   If aquatic weeds are a problem, it is essential to preplan and schedule at least one, if not two weed treatments especially if your property will be on the market mid summer to fall.  Convincing your neighbors to do the same thing will pay off too!

Maximize the View:

Clean windows in the house that face the water, remove decorations or lamps which may block the view.


Retrieve all permits for work completed on the Dominion's property so it's available to potential buyers.