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Secret of Selling



     to Ask for a Top Price AND a Quick Sale ??

Clearly, the first thing to do is put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers and take an objective look at your property. 

Your primary goal is to make a favorable first impression... on the buyer... when offering your property for sale.  You must make it easy for buyers to see your house as their house; which may mean taking some of "you" out of their house (i.e. "sterilize" your home decor by packing up the collectibles, nic-nacs, surplus of family photos, excess doggie toys, etc.). 

Check to see if there is anything negative about the property that could be easily overcome by a fresh coat of paint, some TLC or maintenance work.  Remembering all the while that no two people have the same opinions or tastes about style, decor, colors, clutter, cleanliness, etc.  When it comes to selling, play it safe and go with the majority... and the majority of people like a clutter-free environment, a freshly mowed lawn, a fresh smelling house, and so on. 

Should you paint?  Should you undertake that long overdue project and remodel the bathroom or kitchen?  Some projects and expenses will be rewarded, and others won't.  I'm happy to share my opinion about your house, and will discuss that in person with you. 

In the meantime, you can do some research.  (In fact, check the "Buyers" Page of my site and read through the "Home Inspections" page to see just how your house will be scrutinized after you have obtained an acceptable offer.)  So ask around to see what it would cost and how long it would take to fix this or that or freshen up the property for sale.  I have lots of ideas, and will gladly share them with you.  In fact, I'll share a few now!


STAGING YOUR HOME on a budget ?

Spend a little time looking through this excellent website

Home Improvement Ideas

Ten Easy Projects to Renew Your Kitchen
Have a like-new kitchen on a slim budget.
By David Starr
Ingredients for a quick fix: paint (satin and high-gloss); refurbished glass front cupboard doors; door and drawer pulls painted to match; vintage, flea-market tile with corresponding sanded grout; new painted wood mini blind.  

Need a creative, quick save to rescue your faded kitchen but have limited time and not a lot of money?

These are projects any do-it-yourselfer can accomplish on a barebones budget and still end up with a dynamite result. Some of these projects can even pull together a rented apartment kitchen without sending your landlord through the roof.

Get started in the morning and be finished in time for dinner guests!

1. Think Paint. The first and primary hint: Paint works miracles on everything. If it holds still, paint it neatly, inside and out. Don't think colors; think shine and texture. Old wood tone cabinets spray-painted very glossy white or hand painted with oil-base in creamy white provides yards of look for very little cash.

Then repaint the walls with latex satin enamel in soft sheen or no sheen. Use a color to contrast with your "new cabinets." Feeling adventurous? Paint pulls and hinges, too. If you have poor cabinetry, this technique can really pull it together.

2. New Pulls. When renovating cabinetry, new pulls add punch. In a small kitchen, put money into pulls and hardware. Expensive pulls can make the worst cabinets sing. Consider vintage pulls.

3. Remove. Less is more! Look at the cabinets and consider which doors could be removed to expose the shelving. Open shelving helps a kitchen look bigger. Display your favorite dishes, baskets and what-have-you for a new, updated look. Paint the inside of the cabinets the same as the outside or an opposite, bright color for snap and speed.

  Fanciful new hardware is worth splurging on. New paint and pulls alone will revitalize a kitchen.

4. Replace. Replace solid cupboard doors with glass fronts. The glass can be clear or frosted or you can get vintage doors and master them to fit. Showcase dishes, glassware, silver, anything displayable. You can also line the inside glass with sheer fabric. And if you've removed some doors to create open shelves, the glass fronts add to the look beautifully.

5. Lighting. Track lights brighten up any kitchen. Wire suspension lights can make the space look contemporary and new. Paper lanterns add life and freshness. All three types of lighting put light where you need it, create space or raise the ceiling. If you have a very small kitchen, make a box or rectangle of lights with extra small halogen bulbs.

6. Easy Tile. Have new countertops in a day. (Here is when it pays to have a small kitchen.) If the counter space is not expansive, go ahead and splurge on expensive tile. It will make the entire kitchen look luxurious. Or, with small counters, you may be able to buy vintage tile. Tiling a small countertop is simple. Don't be afraid of irregularities.

7. Quick Floors. Today there are countless self-stick tiles that can be added for a quick revamp. (Hint: Think contrasting black and white.) Floating wood floors and wood tiles can be done in an afternoon. Paint the floor a dark color such as black. To tie in the wall or cabinet color, use that paint to rag or faux finish over the darker color.

Providence by Delta Select.  
  Monticello by Moen.

8. Flashy Faucets. Here's another feature to invest in. A flashy new faucet can make an old sink fade back. New faucets in white or chrome with pull-out sprays look great and, for the money, say "new kitchen."

9. Reflections. One of the best ways to add space without permanent alterations is to attach a glossy white-framed mirror to the wall at the end of a galley kitchen. It will add dimension and space. Place one above the refrigerator, hang one on a cabinet for drama or even set one on the floor.

10. Window Covering. A new window covering makes the window and the wall look fresh. A matchstick blind cut to size or a metal-tone mini blind add texture and light control. Small shutters loosely fitted into a window frame can be installed in an afternoon and are readily available in white or natural. Paint them, faux-paint them, stain them or leave them alone.

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