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Generally, the first questions that come to mind are...


"What can I get for it?" and "How fast will it sell?" 


Property values on and around Lake Gaston are always unique, and always changing.  For current and accurate valuation of your property, you owe it to yourself to talk to a professional.  And not just any professional.  You need a certified appraiser (for an Appraisal) or an experienced Realtor® for a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) who works full time on Lake Gaston.  The first choice costs money, but the second does not.

Knowing what your neighbor's house sold for is in no way indicative of fair market value for your property, especially on Lake Gaston.  The Appraiser's market value (appraisal) is based on history... and the average of what three other buyers have paid for a property similar to yours within the past 6 months or so.  The Appraisal and CMA should also reflect those sales of like properties, and include such factors as neighborhood, location and amenities, type, size & quality of construction and improvements, age, replacement costs, characteristics of lot, etc.  If waterfront, it will also consider the body of water, view, water depth, amount of usable shoreline, etc.  This foundation for the Market Analysis assures that the buyer's financing will not eventually be declined because the appraised value was less than the contracted selling price. 

Because of these factors and because of increased buyer awareness through technology and the internet, it is important for you, the seller to price your property correctly IF you want sell and close in a reasonable amount of time. 

Market values are NOT dictated by what you have invested in the home (after all... it could have been given to you!), nor by what you need to receive from the property (buyer's don't care about your child's college fund!)  These factors should not be the driving force when determining a sales price.  What should be the major factor is the current market's condition... supply vs. demand... and especially your competition! 

In the Lake Gaston market, the greatest exposure by far of your property to potential buyers comes from Realtor® showings.  And professional agents quickly learn if a property is listed at an excessively inflated price.  Through comparison shopping, it doesn't take the Buyers long either to understand the market, and it's much harder to encourage a reasonable offer on an unreasonably priced property.

In this ever-changing market, valuing a property is certainly not a precise science.  There are other factors that play into the pricing decision... the competition.  It is my job, my profession as a Realtor®... to assist you, the seller, with determining value and price based on my experience and knowledge of listing and selling Lake Gaston area real estate.  I will also provide you with suggestions and recommendations for making your property more appealing than your competition. 

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     Getting your house ready to sell


AND... here are some reasons why properties do NOT sell as quickly as we might like...


"LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION:"   Let's be honest.  maybe... just maybe... the property doesn't pass "the test" because it is not in a location (or on a lot)  that is considered desirable by most buyers.  For waterfront property on Lake Gaston, it is usually because the property lacks a nice water view... or because the lot is too steep for the kids or grandparents, or because there is no possibility of constructing a pier, boathouse, the neighborhood is a bit run down, etc..  If so, these "location issues" could present a real challenge in holding out for a higher price, especially if there is nothing you can do to change those conditions... (or is there?).  Have no fear... there IS a buyer for your property... if it's priced right.

CONDITION:   About half of the Lake Gaston properties are purchased as vacation homes, and a majority of the rest are purchased as retirement homes.  The "weekenders" and the retirees just don't have the time, energy or resources to "work" on a property as soon as they move in (unless, of course, the price is right).  Does your home need a "freshening up"?  Will $1,000 you spend today return $5,000 next month?

FIRST IMPRESSIONS:   There is no second chance to make a good first impression!  You might love the 100 collectibles and knick-knacks that Mom passed down... or the dog's favorite lounge chair... but your Buyer won't "relate."  You will have to pack it all up anyway when an offer comes in... so why not now?  Declutter and Depersonalize!

AVAILABILITY:   Having your house on the market and always "ready" to show is no fun to be sure... but if you opt for convenience and only allow your house to be shown during "this time or that"... you may eliminate a fair percent of potential buyers.  It's safe to assume that a buyer has to see your house before they bring you an offer.  The Lake Gaston real estate market does not have many "drive by" shoppers on their way home from work.  Some families come from hundreds of miles to spend just 1 afternoon looking at yours and many other available houses.  

Maybe next time...  Realtors and agents do their best, but with 350 miles of Lake Gaston shoreline, it can be difficult running from one end to the other.  If your property can't be shown until "this time or that"... your house might have to be saved for the next time.  Other "next time" reasons include difficult showing demands, such as the listing agent must be present at all showings, or seller will not allow a lockbox for easy or "short notice" access by Realtors whose customers change their mind at the last minute.  That would be your loss... of a potential buyer.

TERMS:   Buying and Selling homes certainly has an element of emotion.  But basically, the transaction is a business deal ... and a matter of reasonable compromise, hopefully.  For example, if you will not agree to possession until after your new home is built, you would discourage an offer from another "new home owner" who wants their new home... now.   Or let's say the home inspection was a surprise... and you don't want to spend yet another $200 fixing a problem you didn't even know existed.  Let's weigh the pros and cons with our business hat on! 

CURRENT MARKET & PRICE:  Last, but not least!  The asking price may be too high for the property... or for changing market conditions.

Unfortunately, I can't control those... but
YOU can!

Now... Here is THE reason why properties DO sell quickly...

I can assure you that ALL of my associate Realtors® and my Agency will be hard at work for YOU!


So let's talk and I'll tell you more... give me call or send an email.