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Lake Gaston:  Geography and Townships

Lake Gaston is located along the east coast between two major interstates... I-95 on the east, and I-85 on the west, with the central part of the lake approximately 30 minutes from the interstate exits.  The North Carolina / Virginia state line runs through the northern part of the lake.

Lake Gaston's primary water source is the Roanoke River, and the lake's shoreline runs approximately 350 miles touching three NC counties, and two Virginia counties.  The main body of the lake is approximately 1.3 miles across at its widest point and approximately 35 miles long, with an approximate average depth of 40 feet.  Lake Gaston has more than 20,000 surface acres that include the "main" lake (runs west to east) and its 20 "creeks" that run north & south off the main lake.  These creeks, called coves, are all quite large, feed directly into the main body and are directly accessible by boat.  Some require boating under a bridge to get to/from the main body, and the bridge culverts accommodate most boats (ski, pontoon, fishing), but may require lowering the top.

Locations around the lake are often referred to as being in a particular Quadrant (NW, SW, NE, SE).  The Eaton Ferry Bridge (over a mile long) is centrally located and it runs north/south over the main lake about mid way.  Interstate 85 also runs north/south over the main lake, but at the far west end.  That end of the lake tends to be shallower overall, and is well suited for the fishermen, nature lover and those who like a quieter environment. 

From the centrally located Eaton Ferry Bridge, it will take approximately 30 minutes to reach I-85 or I-95 by car at any of the four quads.  Located on the VA/NC border between I-85 on the West, and I-95 on the East, Lake Gaston is approximately 1.5 hours south of Richmond, VA and north of Raleigh, NC.   [Click Here for Maps]

The counties (county seat) in North Carolina are:  Halifax (Halifax), Northampton (Jackson) and Warren (Warrenton).

The counties (county seat) in Virginia are:  Brunswick (Lawrenceville) and Mecklenburg (Boydton).

The townships (zip codes) in the Lake Gaston area (post offices, convenience stores, groceries, building supplies, physicians, etc.) are:  NORTH CAROLINA - Halifax (27839),  Henrico (27842),  Littleton (27850),  Macon (27551),  Vaughan (27586), Warrenton (27589)    VIRGINIA - Bracey (23919),  Ebony (28345),  Gasburg (23857)

Larger towns (zip codes) within 15-40 minutes of Lake Gaston (hospitals, pharmacies, Wal-Mart, Lowes, shopping, etc.)
To the North - VA:  South Hill (23970) ,  Emporia (23847)
To the South - NC:  Henderson (27536),  Roanoke Rapids (27870)

Major cities (Raleigh, Durham, Richmond, Petersburg) are within 1-2 hours of Lake Gaston.


Lake Gaston's water level is about 199' above sea level, and typically fluctuates 1/2 foot up or down.  The dam is 204' above sea level. 

The land that surrounding the Lake in both states is both elevated and flat, and when looking at individual properties, each piece of land and home is unique, especially when you consider the mix of waterfront, topography, view, water depth off shoreline for boating & swimming, etc.