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Flood Insurance / Mapping

There are parts of Lake Gaston that are considered by FEMA to be within a Flood Zone or Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).  In reality, the vast majority of structures (houses, garages) are above the 100 year flood elevation, and can be waived from requiring flood insurance if an application is submitted to FEMA.  Ask your agent for information about this during the purchase process.


The Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) administers the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  The mission of the NFIP is to identify and map flood hazard areas nationwide and make flood insurance available within communities that participate in the NFIP. 


Federally backed mortgage lenders require insurance coverage if the house (or other structure) is located below the 100 year flood elevation.  Insurance is not required for undeveloped land.


FEMA has published maps (FIRMS) that designate which areas are above & below the 100 year flood elevation level.  The maps contain grids or map panels that are referenced and used for determination purposes.  These maps are available for viewing on line through the FEMA site. Appraisers will reference the map panel number in their appraisal where they state if a property is or is not within a flood zone.


There are several flood determination companies throughout the country that interpret the FEMA maps and inform lenders if a property is located within a special flood hazard area or zone. 

NOTE:  Occasionally, the flood determination companies do not take extra steps available to properly determine (or eliminate) a lot from the "A" zone which requires that flood insurance be obtained. 


If you believe that your house or structures are above the SFHA, you might ask you lender to challenge the Flood Certification from the company they use.  Ask to have the flood determination company "review" their findings using aerial maps and overlays.  You may also request that the lender get a second opinion by using another company to make the determination.  One of many such companies is LSI Flood Services (800) 833-6347 (formerly GeoTrack).  

To view or purchase these maps, Click Here(


On the FEMA maps, the flood area is colored in blue (includes the lake and some of the shoreline) and has a dark line separating it from the land above the flood area (colored white-zone X).  The lighter, inside line indicates the actual shoreline.  Any zone beginning with the letter A is below the 100 year flood elevation.  


FEMA INSTRUCTIONS after logging on to FEMA site above:


Note:  If you "product search” by address, be sure to verify that it returns the correct map panel /location (that search type is not error free!)




1.  Locate the box “Looking For…”    2.) click on Flood Maps,  3.) Select a State,  4.) Select a County,  5.) Select a Community, and then 6.) Get FEMA maps. 


If you already know your Map Panel Number, select to view it by Clicking the View or Buy column;  Otherwise, first go to the bottom choice which returns the entire area, then locate the grid where your property is located, and determine which Community/Map Panel # applies.  Then go back and select that Map panel # to determine the mapping code for your property. 


Map Panels for Lake Gaston land:

   Warren County, NC          = 370396 0002 C

   Halifax County, NC           = 370327 0005 B  or 370327 0010 B

   Northampton County, NC   = 370173 0005 C  or 370173 0010 C
   Brunswick County, VA       = 501236 0175 B 

   Mecklenburg County, VA   = 510189 0200 A



The NC Floodplain Mapping program is part of FEMA's Cooperating Technical Partner initiative.  Click here for maps & to view that site:  NC CTP Initiative.