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Waterfront & Shoreline Use Guidelines

Owned by Dominion Resources, Lake Gaston is an impoundment of more than 20,000 surface acres along the Roanoke River Basin and was created to generate hydroelectric power.  Dominion operates under a license issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Operations are monitored by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard and the Wildlife Commissions of both North Carolina and Virginia, to name a few.

When you own "waterfront" property, the boundary line, or linear footage of your lot that "fronts" the lake, joins or abuts Dominion Resources property.  Dominion owns the shoreline, the lake bottom, and for purposes of flood control also owns a “strip” of land along the shoreline, generally up to an elevation of 204+' above mean sea level.  Therefore, the amount (width x length) of this "strip" of land varies widely and depends greatly upon the topography.  

Owners of adjacent property and real estate agents sometimes use a created term “HWM” that stands for "High Water Mark."  HWM (now referred to as DOM) is the linear footage of your lot's boundary line on the lakefront portion of your lot... the same boundary line that is shared with Dominion.  This measurement is provided as an aid to assist purchasers and owners in determining how much of the shoreline Dominion may allow you to use for constructing docks, boathouses, etc.  Generally speaking, you would "extend" the two side lot lines into the water.  The resulting linear footage between the two imaginary or "projection" lines at the shore and into the water will help to determine how much "waterfront" and Dominion land you may have to work with when constructing a pier or boathouse.  To illustrate, if the lot is perfectly rectangular, than the footage at the actual shoreline and into the water should be about the same as the width or linear footage at your actual shared boundary line (the HWM/DOM measurement used in real estate sales).  If the lot is pie shaped with the point in the water, than the shoreline measurement will be less than the DOM measurement at the boundary.  The Lake Gaston Multiple Listing Service (MLS) now inserts that approximate measurement in the field called "DOM" to designate the DOM, or linear footage of your actual property line (not the usable shoreline).

While regulating their property, Dominion may allow an adjacent property owner to construct upon or use their property provided the owner enters into a Construction and Use License Agreement ("a permit") with the company and complies with their procedures.  Dominion may grant permission for "waterfront" property owners to use and alter their shoreline for the purposes of constructing a boathouse, removing brush, trimming trees, planting vegetation, bulkheading, treating aquatic weeds, etc.  A Permit must be obtained first, and your plans must meet their Construction and Use Regulations and obtain final approval. 

Dominion will meet with prospective purchasers and owners to discuss how a particular lot meets their “Construction and Use Guidelines.”  If you are considering purchasing waterfront property, it is suggested that you obtain a copy of these guidelines and talk with Dominion before making your purchase offer (especially on unimproved land) or before planning any alteration to Dominion’s property.

Visit Dominion's website for more info or to download documents:

Construction & Use Procedures & Shoreline Maps
Construction & Use License/Permit Form
License/Permit Fees
Recreational Day-Use Areas & Bank Fishing
Shoreline Plan