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Lake Gaston  North Carolina / Virginia

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1698 Eaton Ferry Rd (Rt. 903), Littleton, NC 27850



Directions from I-95

From I-95, take Exit 173 (Roanoke Rapids, NC, Rt. 158).  Turn onto Highway 158 west (suggest you be in left lane after a mile or so).  Continue west on Rt. 158 for 16 miles to Littleton, NC (Rt. 158/Rt. 903).  Turn right at the stop light in Littleton, staying on Highway 903 north.  Continue on Rt. 903 approximately 7 miles.  Waterfront Properties is on the left corner, at the "T" intersection of Rt. 903 & Eaton Ferry Road.


Directions from I-85

From I-85, take Exit 4-South (Bracey/Lake Gaston, VA, Rt. 903) and follow Highway 903 east/south for approximately 20 miles.  Rt. 903 brings you all the way to the Office (but you will have to turn right 3 times).  About 20 minutes after exiting I-85, you will cross over the main body of the lake... the Eaton Ferry Bridge (still on Rt. 903).  Waterfront Properties office is 1 mile south of the Bridge at the first corner of the intersection of Rt. 903 & Eaton Ferry Road (watch for a "motel" sign).


(Note:  I recommend that clients traveling I-85 stay on it until the Lake Gaston/Bracey Exit then turn east and stay on Rt. 903 all the way to my office.  Coming this way takes about 5-10 minutes longer, but itís a much nicer drive and you will have the advantage of seeing a lot more of the lake by crossing over three coves/bridges and then also the mile-long main lake, Eaton Ferry Bridge.  This way, first time visitors will gain a greater perspective of the size of the lake, and also pass by the retail shopping area and restaurants.


IF YOU USE YOUR GPS, Google, or MapQuest, you will save a little time by coming the secondary roads, BUT the GPS systems do not have our office address positioned accurately, so be sure to take these directions with you, and travel south on Rt. 903 one mile after crossing the Eaton Ferry Bridge).